Put together the perfect birth list or birthday list for the little four-foot at CHEW- Dog paradise.

We'd love to think about your party list.

You will find a unique offer with the personal service of a boutique.

The gifts you choose get a separate corner on the webshop- so family and friends immediately see all the gifts on your list.

If they want, they can buy gifts by phone, online or at the store.


How exactly does this work?


1) Intake conversation

You will come to Knokke. We look at how the dog lives/will live at home and choose with you the items that fit not only the life style of the wolf but also that of you, including interior.


2) Your favorite items

To make our system flexible and maintain all birth lists are linked to the stock. Thus, an item may be sold out (temporarily). All products on your list are therefore not automatically reserved.


3) Value

At CHEW you can already create a list with a minimum value of EUR-500.


4) Too excited?

What was too enthusiastic about compiling your birth list?

It's no problem. What's left on your list, you don't have to buy it yourself.

Unless it's articles we order specifically for you (e.g. bed in a unique color) or unique season items that we have booked together.


5) Shipping

Family and friends can easily order a gift online and we deliver them free (within Belgium) to your home.

Packages are sent once every one to two weeks.
Of course you're welcome to come and pick up everything.


6) Gift for owner

After completing your birth list you will receive
a gift certificate i.e. 10% on all items sold at a minimum of 500.

This ticket shall remain valid without limitation.