Your dog is the most important member of the family. We fully understand.

And doesn't necessarily deserve the first best. No, just deserves the best!

So we are not just a pet store with the most beautiful and most unique and neck and leashes.

Chew has become a real dog paradise where it is a party every day.

In our boutique, Cindy, Jolien, June, Chloë, Caroline & Mr. Waldorf ready to assist you with a pack advice.

You can still enjoy your webshop at home or fill in his / her dog diary together with the Kapoen.



Shop team
Cindy Shop Manager Cindy Decoster - Shop Manager
Jolien Shop Assistant Jolien Vermeire - Shop Assistant
June Gobert - Shop Assistant
Chloë Trimster Chloë Vantorre - Shop Assistant
Waldorf Quality Officer Waldorf - Chief Quality Woofficer
Caroline CXO Caroline Vander Straeten - Vet founder with a corner.