Your dog is the most important member of the family? Or do you have friends where the dog is more important than the average child?

Welcome to CHEW - Dog paradise on the Lippenslaan in Knokke where the unique dog shop is located with the most beautiful and unique dog accessories. Think of the best neck and leashes, or a basket that fits in your design interior.

Topped with baking advice from Aunt Cindy, Jolien, Chloë and Sylvie supported by Caroline, Veterartse and Mr. Waldorf the Quality Woofficer.

Question about the first puppy moments or the rather difficult last weeks and days? We are there for you.

CHEW has grown into a real dog paradise where it is a party every day.

At home you can still enjoy our webshop or fill in his/ her dog diary together with De Kapoen.


Want to know more about our team?

3 short videos with a smile.