We are outgrowing the status of the dog shop on the Lippenslaan a bit.

A kick-ass one stop shop with the most unique items from all over the world for the woof, with lots of advice and hugs both online and offline.

“It's going fast” our northern neighbors would say and we know where we want to go.

Would you like to be part of this?

Let's talk!


We are looking for an enthusiastic fellow dog lover (m / f) who wants to join us a few days a week up to full time.

Because choosing sometimes feels like losing and we don't want to deny you your Instagram career or that dog walking service on the side.

Furthermore, our motto is: we hire for attitude, train for skills and cultivate drive.

In other words, as a dynamic employee you have to form a whole with the other team members.

Welcome to our team where there is no room for gossip and the like. Only authentic dog manners!


What do we mean in concrete terms?

You follow the instructions of the shop manager. Together with your team members you provide a perfect service to the customers, you help the customers and dogs when choosing and thanks to your creativity, every customer / dog walks out satisfied.

Do you already have a lot of experience and there are things you would do differently: even better!


Who am I?

  You are enthusiastic, flexible, independent, dynamic and collegial (9-5 what is that?)

  You are not averse to a wet dog or any other discomfort. (Cuddle!)

  You have commercial insight. (That leash would go perfectly with her sneakers)

  You have a well-groomed appearance. (Of course!)

  You are punctual and honest. (That's me honey)

  You are Dutch-speaking and you have a good knowledge of the French and English language. (Ofcourse ma chérie!)

  You like a challenge and are not easily confused (Let's fix - right?)


Job-related competences:

  • Warmly welcome customers. (and not just the dog - we know you love to see dogs)


  • Advising customers on products and care for dogs and selling them. (Not really a problem because secretly you want everything yourself)


  • Follow developments in the field (Have you seen this!)


  • Place products in the storage area or on a counter. (Yes, new things again)


  • Keep the shop tidy at all times. (Tidy is neat)


  • Reach out in the grooming salon if necessary (hold the dog, ...) (Hug!)


  • Making tails wag (Duhh)


Offer and advantages:

Are you organizational, communicative and obsessed with dogs and their environment?

Reliable, motivated and not afraid to roll up your sleeves without a 9-5 mentality?

-> Then we offer a pleasant working environment that is different every day where there is a lot to learn and achieve!



Place of employment

Lippenslaan 157

8300 Knokke




CV + motivation to


Facebook: chew.knokke

IG: chew_doggyparadise