Oater Coater - Fresh hydrated coat
Oater Coater - Fresh hydrated coat
Oater Coater - Fresh hydrated coat

Oater Coater - Fresh hydrated coat

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Shampoo der Shampoos: so good that we fly them especially from USA for your capon. Nowhere else in Europe. Moreover, a bottle to collect and reuse.

Great for dogs that need a skin -softening boost, if you have hard water, or dogs with a dark dull stinking coat.

Varieties that benefit greatly from this wash are varieties that are susceptible to dry skin, such as: French bulldogs, boxers, bichon frisé, German shepherds, spaniels, ...

Formulated to tackle dry, itchy and stinking skin with the natural moisturizing power of oatmeal.

 - Soft, PH-balanced formula and approved by veterinarians

 -Free from parabens, sulfates and animal -free

Oater coater dog shampoo is focused on dry and itchy skin and gives a knockout punch to itchy skin by calming irritated skin.

Itchy skin is often just dry skin and that is why oatmeal is so powerful. Oatmeal is natural moisturizing and contains polysaccharides that react with water to help the skin retain its moisture. After a few washes, your dog's skin should be softer and smoother. As icing on the cake, oatmeal is also a well -known skin protector. Small flavonoids protect your dog's skin against ultraviolet rays of the sun and help keep irritating substances away from the skin and fur of your dog!

In addition, this shampoo contains the characteristic mix of:

 Camelina oil
 Moringa oil
 And heme root

Camelina oil, Moringa oil and marshmallow root are anti-inflammatory drugs. These ingredients mixed with oatmeal are the dream team for skin inflammation and itchy skin.

To guarantee the quality, all our products have been approved by veterinarians, and Oater Coater dog shampoo is no different. The approval process by the vet ensures that there are no aggressive chemicals that irritate the skin of your puppy. Instead of hard, artificial chemicals, we use ingredients such as baking soda and green tea, which are soft and hydrating. By using these ingredients, we do not have to use parabens and sulfates.


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