Dahlia Harnas
Dahlia Harnas
Dahlia Harnas

Dahlia Harnas

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In the bustling city of Knokke, known for its fashion -conscious culture and stylish residents, lived a fashionable puppy called Charlotte.

Charlotte was a downy labradoodle with a preference for everything that is chic and trendy. Her owner, Sophie, was a fashion designer who was just as fond of Charlotte as Charlotte on fashion.

One day, while Sophie was leaving the newest collections in her favorite dogs boutique, she came across a harness that caught her attention. It was a collection of dog accessories inspired by the iconic patterns: lively colors and complicated zigzag lines that danced over the fabrics in a enchanting way.

Among the accessories was a harness that distinguished itself from the rest. It was a masterpiece of design, with inspired patterns in striking shades orange, green blue and gold. The harness glistened under the lamps of the boutique and pulled Sophie's gaze like a magnet. Sophie immediately knew that it was intended for Luna.

Passers -by could not resist admiring the fashionable duo, taking photos and overload them with compliments. With her head up and her armor in front, Charlotte felt the queen of the city. Everywhere they came, they attracted the attention and made a statement: proof that even a dog could be a fashion icon with the right accessory.

Width Stingy Chest Abdominal circumference
XS 1.5 cm 17-28cm 10-14cm 35-45cm
S 1.5 cm 22-36cm 13-17cm 40-53M
M 2cm 27-45cm 18-21cm 45-60cm
L 2.5 cm 42-50cm 23-28 cm  5 & ​​-70cm


  Can at 30 ° C in a net in the washing machine

Collar, leash and cookie bag available separately

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