Indi Moon
Indi Moon
Indi Moon
Indi Moon

Indi Moon

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A classic and a favorite.

The most beautiful pearl combination of gold and blue on a collar for the woef. (also as a bracelet for the mum as they want.)

The gems are woven so no chance of a wire that breaks and pearls that come loose - unless the caps decides seriously what to scratch behind the ears and the pearls behind the toes remain - the capon!


XXS: 20-27cm / 2 cm wide

XS: 25-31cm / 2 cm wide

S: 29-35cm / 2.5 cm wide

M: 33-43cm / 2.5 cm wide

L: 41-51cm / 4 cm wide

XL: 49-59cm / 4 cm wide

XXL: 57-67cm / 4 cm wide