Hipster cookies - joker maker

Hipster cookies - joker maker

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Who is your capon? The joker? Never a bad day and always a wagtail. #Woopwoop

This also includes the right treats!

The ideal reward for in between or as a gift.Of course gluten free.

Softly baked without grains, without sugar and without taste, color or preservatives. The naturally nutty taste of amaranth makes this snack a favorite treat.

The use of only one high-quality animal protein source (Lam) reduces the risk of feed allergies and makes it easier to reward food-sensitive dogs. Shape of the dog biscuits: small asterisks (approximately 2 cm size).
Additional animal feed for dogs of all varieties.

Composition: Potato flakes, Lamb 10% (dried and ground), amarant flour 10%, dicalcium phosphate.

Analytical components:

Protein 14.0%
Fat content 6.0%
Crude fiber 2.0%
Rough axis 5.0%
Calcium 1.3%
Phosphorus 1.0%