A display a fixed price list is unfortunate impossible.

We are happy to give guide prices and can vary from dog to dog.

Come by and we'll have a look together ♥️

Our target prices are based on50 € / h (12.5 € per 15 minutes)
Only applicable to well-groomed dogs (= minimum knots) at normal weight.

Upon request to be pampered by our Trim Lead - Oana, a rate of 60 / h applies (15 € per 15 minutes)
Extras can be charged for parasites, problem coats and aggressive dogs. Also with dogs with buttons or felting.

++ We always pick by hand and never shave without mutual consultation ++

Crossbreeds or non-bred dogs are classified according to coat type and size.

Cutting nails: 5 €

Head trimming: 10 €


++ Our time is Limited Edition ++

In case of absence without notification, a fee of 50 € per dog will be charged.
In case of late arrival without notification, a fee of € 10 per dog will be charged.