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The most stylish dog chair you will ever have

Stylish and machine washable

The Snuggle Seat is not only stylish and comfortable, but also practical. As soon as it becomes dirt, just throw the Snuggle Seat in the washing machine (at 30 ° C) to easily clean it. You don't have to worry about stains or odors - the Snuggle Seat is machine washable and ready for your next adventure. Aligned: Our Cognac Snuggle Seat is not Machine washable.


The Snuggle Seat is designed to feel comfortable for your hairy best friend, whether he is sitting on your front seat or extends in the back.


Thanks to a handy storage compartment on each side for your leash and a belt to attach it to your car seat, the Snuggle Seat is practical and handy to use.


The Snuggle Seat can be used in the car as a car seat, but it can also be easily converted into a bed for home, at hotel or even at a restaurant.

Unique color combinations

The Snuggle Seat is available in a series of unique color combinations that are specially made to fit nicely with the interior of your car. Whatever the color scheme of your car, you will find a snuggle seat that fits perfectly.

Durable: The Snuggle Seat is made of high -quality materials and is designed to withstand the wear of regular use. You can trust that the Snuggle Seat will last many journeys.

Safe and reliable: With a belt in the chair to secure your dog even more firmly, the Snuggle Seat is a safe way to keep your hairy friend comfortable along the way. Do not forget to switch off the passenger airbag if you use the Snuggle Seat on the front seat.

Easy to store: If you do not use the Snuggle Seat, you can easily store it in the trunk or in the rear seat of your car. He can be folded compactly so that he does not take too much space.

Satisfaction guarantee: If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with your Snuggle Seat, you can use our satisfaction guarantee. We support our product and want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase


Joyce R.

  • Verified Buyer


Super service! They really take the time to explain everything and make your dog feel comfortable! 💕

Els C.

  • Verified Buyer


Here is one overjoyed with her new basket😍

Annick M.

  • Verified Buyer


Top team. Very helpful.😍

Karen W.

  • Verified Buyer


Smooth processing of our order! Even telephone contact to check if everything was right👍 Our puppy and we are happy💝

Marielle H.

  • Verified Buyer


Completely impressed by the elegant design of the Snuggle Seat! It looks great in my car and is perfect to take my dog ​​on a journey.

Gina F.

  • Verified Buyer


A great investment for dog owners. It is elegant and functional. My dog ​​Balou loves it and me too!

Joyce D.

  • Verified Buyer


Super product and processed with great care :) The Snuggle Seat has become my dog's regular seat. She doesn't want to sleep in anything else!

Inge M.

  • Verified Buyer


I recommend the Snuggle Seat to every dog ​​owner. We take the Snuggle Seat everywhere, so that our dog can spend more time with us. So easy! From car seat to seat when we start drinking something by the sea. We love it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Snuggle Seat

The Snuggle Seat measures 53 x 47 x 45 cm.

Is the Snuggle Seat suitable for all cars?

The Snuggle Seat is designed to fit in most car types, including Sedans, SUVs and trucks. It comes with a belt that can be attached around the chair or to the Isofix in the back.

Can the Snuggle Seat be used as a bed?

Yes, the Snuggle Seat can easily be converted into a bed for use at home, at hotel or at the restaurant. Just open and Hoppa!

Is the Snuggle Seat machine washable?

Yes, the black Snuggle Seat is machine washable at 30 ° C - the Cognac Snuggle Seat is not. Just shake in the car wash or in the washing machine for easy, thorough cleaning.

Is the Snuggle Seat suitable for larger dogs?

The Snuggle Seat is suitable for dogs of the most sizes, including medium -sized varieties. He offers enough space for your four -legged friend to stretch and feel comfortable.