How long does it usually take?
If the hair is to be completely cut, we ask that you allow a 2-3h, so that we can wash it, dry and cut it. If it needs to get away from her, it can take more time. If less or not cut, it takes less time.

How much does it cost?
This depends on the race, condition and individual temperament.

How long in advance do I have to reserve an appointment?

Depending on holiday periods, which day in the week, ... account is taken of a waiting period of 2-3 weeks.

Will my dog be washed first?
Depending on the breed and hair type of your dog, the trimmer can do first a "rough cut." After the raw operation, the dog is washed, dried and then the hairstyle is completed. In other cases we wash and dry first before we begin to cut.

Dogs being picked will not be washed immediately after picking. It is best to wait 1.5 week to 2 weeks after the picking session for a wash.

What products do you use?
We make use of top quality shampoos and conditioners of Animology. We adjust the shampoo to the needs of your four-legged. It is not a problem to bring your favorite shampoo or other products. This can be discussed with the stylist.

Can you trim my dog according to the breed standard?
Yes, our groomers are familiar with the most of variety standards and are very experienced with the more popular breeds. They follow through the year specialization courses.

Not all dog owners in Belgium want the breed standard because it is best that requires some maintenance. If you like to see your dog gestyled according to breed standard or other, it is useful to discuss this with the trimmer and/or photos to bring. Each dog is different and the needs of each person differ, so a conversation can help you take the options through.

+ + We always pick up by hand and never go shaving without mutual consultation + +

My dog's hair's been clichated. Do I have to cut it short?
If the hair is clit, there are no 'mats', this is unhealthy for the skin of the dog. Knots get even worse when the fur gets wet. For the washing of the dog, all knots should be brushed. If the hair is clit and ginger, we can try to take this out. Unfortunately, this can be painful and cause skin irritation. If it can be cleared of hair, there is a surcharge of € 49 per hour. Otherwise, we recommend to briefly shave, which means that we shave the mats out with toner-deuze.

Do I get the same trimmer each time?
Some customers prefer the same trimmer. If your dog is nervous and/or you have very specific wishes we recommend the same trimmer.

Can I keep looking?
Our trim area is visible behind glass. However, if your dog can see you, it is going to want to be with you and it can lead to a dangerous state. The trimmer works with sharp objects, and any tension or excitement is avoided.

Can I bring a picture?
Of course. The trimmer will discuss your possibilities and try to achieve the same result.

Do you cut the nails?
Yeah, we're gonna be able to cut the nails in most dogs. Long fingernails can lead to various problems, including joint problems, broken or split nails. In cutting the nails there is always a risk of bleeding. Inside the nail is a blood vessel. If the nails are black, the risk of bleeding is greater because the blood vessel is not visible. When the nail bleeds, we use bloodleveling powder. Regular nails clipping may minimize the chance of bleeding, but do not eliminate the risk completely.

What are anal glands?
The real answer is "something that you don't want to be at home with!" They are the scent pouches right under the tail of a dog. Some dogs naturally empty them, others do not.

How does my dog get dried?
Usually with a combination of different methods. When in the bath, we dry the dog with the towel and/or use a high velocity dryer that blows most of the water out of the fur. Then we use a dryer where the dog can sit or lie while warm air circulates around him. During all these phases of drying, your dog is accompanied. All these methods are considered safe and have been used for many years by trimsalons, veterinarians and kennels.

What if I find the result, but nothing?
Please, let us know. We strive to make our customers and four-legged friends happy.

If a hairstyle is not to be desired, sometimes it is a matter of being cut up and there. In some cases, we can ask you to come back on another day so we can start again.

It is very important that you tell us clearly in advance what your wishes are.